Friday, March 5, 2010

Unicorns and Elves and Komi... Oh My!

There are certain things in life that are deemed mystical, unattainable and unreal. Unicorns, the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, Santa’s elves, are just a few examples. I had placed "reservations at Komi" on this list as well, until I found out that I have been invited to go there for dinner in a couple of weeks! How lucky am I?

Komi has been on my radar for about a year and a half, since I saw an extensive article on it in the Washingtonian. In it, Todd Kliman wrote, "If Komi isn’t the best restaurant in DC, it’s easily the most intimate, the most romantic, the most personal, the most soulful." Can there be an even better endorsement? On top of that, my really good friend went there with her husband for their anniversary and said that it was a phenomenal meal. Rave reviews on a restaurant to me = honey to a bee! I really wanted to check the place out, but just making reservations to go there is not an easy feat. My friend told me that she had to call over a month in advance to get reservations. Someone else told me that he had been trying to get reservations for a couple of months now. I once attempted to go there on a whim, and was flat out told that there were no tables available. 

So imagine my delight (and my squeals!) when I found out I will be partaking in the best restaurant in the DC area, according to the Top 100 Restaurants issue of Washingtonian Magazine. I am so psyched about the dinner that the mere thought of it sends me into giggle fits! Apparently, not everyone is happy about my going, because offers from others to take my spot have been made. Luckily, no trades! So while I still haven't seen a unicorn or found that elusive pot of gold, at least now I know that dinner at Komi is very possible. I look forward to letting you know all about it!

Komi Restaurant
1509 17th Street NW
Washington, DC    20036


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