Saturday, March 20, 2010

March 13 - March 19: Top 5 Sins of The Week

Komi: DC and I opted for the Degustazione. Heaven! See my detailed post on this.

Moby Dick’s: Had Combo II with rice, which comes with the Kubideh (ground sirloin) and Joojeh (chicken breast).

Taqueria Poblano: St. Patrick’s Day dinner with the girls. Had the usual mainstays, chips & salsa and guacamole. Ordered the Duck Carnitas, Fish Taco, Shrimp Taco. The duck and shrimp were alright, the fish was a total fail. But then, I’ve never been a fan of breaded fish.

Tony Cheng’s: Post-ETOH dining at one of the DC Mayor’s favourite places to eat. I can’t believe someone else eats tripe!

Tryst: Had a large Chai tea. A bit on the sweet side, but the spices were on point.

Taqueria Poblano
2400 Mount Vernon Avenue
Alexandria, VA 22301
Taqueria Poblano on Urbanspoon


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