Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Gone Fuzzy for Fizz

I was driving home yesterday, listening to the "Energy 5" playlist (don't make fun!) on my iPod because I needed to get out of my bad-weather funk, when the song "Everybody Dance Now" came on. Hearing it immediately brought me back to my elementary school days back in Vancouver.

Elementary school was an emotional and hormonal landmine, filled with unrequited crushes (Damn Andrew and his Reebok Pumps!), permed hair, Keds, and the after-school ritual of loitering at the 7-11. My friend and I would walk over to the one at the corner of Main and East 14th, and waste our money on Coke Slurpees and candy. I wasn't a huge chocolate bar fan; my treats were usually the pure sugar variety. Fun Dip, NERDS, Pixy Styx to name a few, but my all-time fave were the Lotsa Fizz! These balls of hard candy were individually wrapped, sold in strips of about 4 or 5, and came in red, orange, and purple flavours. Or as we adults call it, cherry, orange, and grape. Oh, how I would pop one in my mouth and wait to see when the fizz would start to ooze out of a tiny crack, only to get impatient and bite down to get the full fizzy effect! It seems silly, but if you wanted to get me out of a bad mood back then, just give me a Lotsa Fizz. They were my cheer-me-uppers, my sugary Zoloft, my sunshine with bubbles, my hard candy endorphins!

I haven't seen Lotsa Fizz in the 7-11's here in the DC area; I even wonder if they were still being made. Yes, I know, the answer is just a Google search away. I love them so much, I have even mentioned to friends that the man who brings me a box will win my heart. And that is definitely something I will smile (and dance!) to.

[Editor--Thanks to The Candy Critic for these awesome close-up pictures of the Lotsa Fizz candies!]


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