Saturday, March 27, 2010

March 20 - March 26: Top 5 Sins of The Week

Home:  No, not some new, fancy restaurant! I actually ended up cooking a superb dinner a couple times this week. Been running on sunny days, thus eating like a pig. One evening was grilled lamb chops (awesome!), the other was seared duck breast (yum!).

Masa 14:  Meh.

Matuba Japanese Restaurant:  I've been here once before. Worthy of a repeat. Some of the freshest sushi around town, yet quite inexpensive. Within walking distance from my house, to help keep the pounds down.

Rappahannock Coffee:  Ate the quiche. Not too heavy, lots of veggies. I ran an extra mile that day.

Starbucks:  I always get the Venti Green Tea Latte, extra hot. Unless I get the Tall Hazelnut Latte with Soy Milk.


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