Monday, April 5, 2010

Top Chef Stalking Starts... Now! (Supposedly)

Guess what today is! Today (supposedly) is the first day of filming for Top Chef's seventh season, if you read Tom Colicchio's tweets. As metrocurean mentioned, the location has yet to be confirmed, although all signs point to DC. There is also word that the chefs (supposedly) are staying somewhere around 20th and R Streets. If Top Chef home base is Dupont Circle, I am willing to bet the chefs do their shopping at the Whole Foods Market on 14th and P Street.

If any of this (supposed) news is true, then I am packing up my bags, leaving the office, and setting up stalkerazzi cameras around the perimeter of the Whole Foods Market!

[Editor--Oh Bravo... you have the best photos! Thank you.]


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