Saturday, April 17, 2010

Burger Prep For Bathing Suit Season!

It's almost bathing suit season, ladies! The time of year that strikes fear and anxiety in most women is right around the corner, and already, some women have started their prep by doubling up on their gym time, going to the tanning salon for a base tan, and being meticulous about their caloric intake. Myself, I prepare by eating burgers! Not to fear, I will do this gluttonizing in complete moderation!
I checked out the menu for Ray's online and while they had an a la carte menu, I was immediately intrigued by their "Why Don't You Try...?" specialty menu. Fat Joe... The Burger of Seville... Oh, and there's the one DC was talking about, The Dogcatcher. I love my foie gras, which The Fat Joe and The Burger of Seville both have, but recently I have been wanting to dive into some bone marrow. Seeing that I just had my duo of foie gras this past Sunday at Poste, I opted for The Dogcatcher.

Ray's H-B is housed in a little strip mall in Courthouse, in the space where big brother Ray's the Steaks used to be. There is no front awning or sign; I just had to follow the aroma that wafted through Arlington's pollen-infested air. I got to Ray's H-B around four o'clock, thinking it wouldn't be busy. Boy was I wrong! As I cut through the parking lot, I saw the line of cars waiting for an open spot. Inside, there were about a dozen people in front of me, but the cashier was pretty quick with getting everyone's orders, so she got to me in just a few minutes. I got handed my plastic number (29), found a four-top outside, and waited.

When the plate arrived, I could not wait to dive into my meal of meaty goodness!  The Dogcatcher was huge and arrived bare:  lettuce, patty, tomato, marrow, persillade, on a sesame seed (and pumpernickel or poppy seed?) bun. No globs of ketchup or mayo either, which I loved. This was great, because I like to add my preferred accoutrements, thanks! The patty was cooked perfectly: medium rare, as per request. I took a nibble of the meat, and while it seemed underseasoned, I think this is just so it can be the perfect canvas for the persillade. That garlic and parsley mixture? Yum! Bone marrow on top? Double yum! Normally, I wouldn't even consider putting a tomato slice on this burger (or any other, for that matter), but in this instance it was needed to cut the fattiness and richness of the marrow. Some people compare the taste of marrow to foie gras, but I would have to disagree. Foie gras has an odd, more earthy taste, whereas marrow is really just a gelatinous pile of goodness. I find it interesting that while bone marrow is considered a delicacy around here, revered like white truffles or caviar, in the Philippines, it is part of day-to-day cooking. Bulalo, anyone?

The bun was a little flimsy and with the burger juices flowing and the marrow melting, I had to eat fast. Even the piece of lettuce that was supposed to act as a barrier between the patty and the bun got drenched. I definitely would not get a burger to go from Ray's H-B, only because the brioche bun would not stand a chance! Come in, order, sit down, eat, is your best strategy.

Phew! I devoured my entire burger and my hunger has been sated. Time for my date with the treadmill. Considering the kind of burger that I just had, the treadmill and I just might have to go steady from now on!

Ray's Hell-Burger
1725 Wilson Blvd
Arlington, VA   22209
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