Sunday, October 18, 2009

A Great Dinner, No Wingman Needed!

Sometimes, you just don't get a perfect dining experience right away. On my first review for this blog, I recounted a dinner I had at Cheesetique. Although there were some technical difficulties with the wine (yuck!), I still managed to have a fantastic time thanks to my friend. She single-handedly gave me a lobotomy and made me forget about how terrible the wine was. Conversely, there have been times where the amazing food cast a spell on me and compelled me to see my blah dining companions in a more positive light.

In these instances, the food and company worked with each other, helping the less-desirable aspect seem more appealing, much like what a wingman does. However, in the case of dinner last week, both the food and company were amazing from the get-go.

Monday, October 12, 2009

"Foodie" is a Four-Letter Word

This past week, I have been doing quite a bit of shameless self-promotion for this blog. To keep my eating, writing, and reviewing skills sharp, I have been doing some research. This means flipping through my piles of Food & Wine and Wine Spectator magazines and re-reading my food books (Thanks Anthony Bourdain and Pim Techamuanvivit!). Over the course of my studies, I've come across some words that often come up in culinary journalism, but I have never liked.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Falling for Cheesetique

Ahh, the beginning of fall. As much as I love the laissez-faire way of life that comes with the summer months, I eagerly anticipate the turning over of the seasons. It's the time when you feel that slight breeze during the day, you see the leaves change to their requisite autumnal hues, and you discover all the new fall merchandise arriving at the stores!

As with the seasons, it was a natural progression that a friend and I moved our weekly powwow about life, men, clothes, and shoes from her sunny poolside to cozy Cheesetique in Alexandria. We sat down and giddily talked about getting rid of our summer clothes to make room for our freshly acquired fall wardrobe, and even had a serious discussion as to when to break out our new boots! I thought, this cheese place is perfect for us cheeseballs!