1. Are you a cook / chef? By trade, I am neither, though I do love to cook. Just don't tell my co-workers, or else they'll expect me to bring some of my home creations to work.

2. Why start a food blog? When I gluttonize, I eat a lot. When I eat a lot, I go into a food coma. When I am in my food coma, I forget what I eat or where I am. Think of the movie "20 First Dates", except with food. To sum it up, this blog basically chronicles where I have gluttonized in the District.

3. How are you qualified to write this blog? I gluttonize, I drink and I darn well enjoy both! Is that not enough?

4. Who would you want to cater your future dream wedding? My mom. But she's out of my budget and too much of a diva, so I'll pick Hubert Keller or Eric Ripert.

5. Favourite cuisine? French, hands down. Sauce me, bacon fat me, wine me, butter me, baby!

6. How do you like your eggs? It depends on my mood, but typically I like Eggs Benedict or Sunny-Side Up. It's all about the yolk and dipping my buttered toast in it.

7. Do you ever send a plate back? Rarely, and only if the food was really atrocious. But when I do, I make sure I have a bottle of antibiotics and Pepto in my purse, just to be safe. You never know what you're gonna get back!