Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Quest for Volt

Oh, the price of publicity and stardom! You go on a cooking show and next thing you know, your restaurant has a 2+ month waiting list! How tragic and awful! If you are a Top Chef fan, you will immediately recognize the name Voltaggio. This past season, Top Chef took sibling rivalry to a whole new level when the show pitted one brother against the other. Michael and older brother Bryan Voltaggio volleyed back and forth throughout the whole season. Both eventually made it to the finale, where the former was named “Top Chef.”

Personally, I did not agree with this decision. Sure, Michael is the more daring, the more exuberant, dare I say it, the more creative. I mean, the smattering of tattoos says it all! But throughout the show, Bryan showed consistency. In his mannerisms, his cooking style, and his food, Bryan revealed he was the more refined, the more elegant of the two, and that he had calculated restraint. Those descriptions are right up my alley, which is why I absolutely want to check out his restaurant in Frederick, MD.

I spoke with a co-worker of mine who told me he has been trying to get a dinner reservation at Volt for a couple of months now, but still no luck. I decided to try for Saturday, May 22. There has got to be something, since it is over 10 weeks away. And was there anything? Nope. The "reservationist" said that the restaurant was all booked for the month of May. So as of today, March 9, I will attempt to make reservations for June. Too bad I don't have contacts in Frederick as I do in DC, this process would be a whole lot easier! 

Volt Restaurant
228 North Market Street
Frederick, MD  
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