Sunday, May 16, 2010

May 8 - May 14: Top 5 Sins of The Week

Bangkok 54: Had an amazing duck roll, wrapped up in a buttery, flaky roti. Tender duck and cucumber inside was divine.

Cafe Citron's top floor: Apparently, if the bartender likes you, your drinks are automatically upgraded to doubles free of charge.

Midtown IV Diner: Post-Flyers game breakfast. Did not touch the scrapple.

P. Brennan's: Guinness and good food while watching Game 7 of the Flyers-Bruins series. Go Broad Street Bullies!

Silver Diner: Fresh and Local menu unveiled to local food writers. Had a gluttinous feast which included salmon burger on pumpernickel bread, gluten-free pasta made out of brown rice. Awe-some. And guess who won the $50 gift certificate?


Dmbosstone said...

Yes Silver Diner was indeed gluttonous- it was great meeting you!

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