Wednesday, May 5, 2010

DC Food Bloggers Unite!

What has 40+ legs, wears a Pucci headband, eats free food, and comes out nocturnally once a month? No, not a crossbreed between a caterpillar, Ann Coulter, a tapeworm, and a bat! It is the DC Food Bloggers Happy Hour crew, and this past Wednesday I got the chance to meet some of the members.

I found out about the group a couple of months ago and had planned on going to the April one since it was at Art Smith's restaurant, Art & Soul, in the District. Unfortunately, work got the better of me and I couldn't go. Thankfully, the May one was across the river on my side and only a couple miles away from home. Definitely RSVPing! I was really excited to go, because I wanted to meet others who understood and matched my love for cuisine. Who else will understand my craving for roasted bone marrow? Who else will sympathize with me, when I tell them that chewing the grilled octopus was like exercise for my jaw? Who else will give me food for thought (ha!) about feeling conflicted on the whole “foie gras vs animal cruelty” issue?

And who did I meet? Quite a diverse group of individuals! From stay-at-home moms and hip food stylists to former pharmaceutical salespeople and prepster tax crime attorneys, the back room of Restaurant 3 housed over two dozen of the most random mix of folks. A few did not even have blogs; they just love food! The question du jour was what everyone's blog was about, and even that netted a variety of responses. One focused on frozen culinary delights, another was a coast-to-coast diary of likes & dislikes, and being in DC, there had to be a politically-themed one. Smiles were aplenty, and any anxiety I had about not knowing anyone quickly dissipated. There was a lot of mingling and laughing, and conversation flowed as easily as the wine and beer being served at half-price.

The Happy Hour was a great meeting of the minds. The passion that everyone had was so infectious, it made me want to do bigger and better. So I raise my glass to you, my fellow bloggers. Thank you for the inspiration and I'll see y'all again in June!

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