Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Fungi Love

Sometimes, when I have had big meals for breakfast and lunch, I end up having something light for dinner. One of my standbys is mushroom soup. It's fast and easy, and is just enough to satisfy my late night hunger. I would love to say that I make the soup from scratch, but being the busy gal that I am, canned stuff it is. I do try to be more creative with it, by adding other ingredients. Usually, I just throw in chopped wild mushrooms. Tonight, I didn't have any shitakes, but I had something far better:  black truffle salt.

I fell in love with the scent and taste of truffles a few years back, when Chef David Greggory would sprinkle truffle oil on the thin crust pizzas at his namesake restaurant. The aroma of this rare fungus, earthy and pungent, was intoxicating. I was immediately hooked! Soon after, I bought a bottle of truffle oil just so I could smell that aroma whenever I wanted. The oil made its way onto a lot of my cooking:  pastas, salads, pizzas. Truffle love was rampant in my home.

About a month ago, I went to Cheesetique and bought a jar of truffle salt. It wasn't cheap, with the 3.5 ounce jar costing me about $30. That's okay, I'll use it sparingly. I didn't have an actual plan for use for the truffle salt just yet, I just knew I wanted it in my pantry. Well, the perfect opportunity came tonight. I was making fungus soup, so might as well season it with fungus salt!

I sprinkled a bit of the truffle salt on top of the soup, and right before my first spoonful, a big whiff. Satisfied? Was I ever!


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