Sunday, April 25, 2010

April 17 - April 23: Top 5 Sins of The Week

District:  Birthday party. Drinks were weak, pick-up lines were weaker. But the music? Absolutely solid!

KFC:  Yup, just had to try the Double Down Sandwich. Getting it grilled is better, right? Again, ran a couple extra miles to nix that monster.

Shawarma Spot:  The setting for a really deep discussion about Connecticut, 'roid monkeys, and the Baltimore vs. DC debate. Thanks B'more, the beef shawarma was awesome!

Union Street Public House:  Gotta love a place where the bartenders will change not one, but two television channels so you can watch the hockey playoffs from both angles! Thanks, Bruce.

Ventnor Sports Cafe:  Had to kill some time before heading out. Labatt Blue... pretzel... hockey game... Is it just me or is every other guy in the restaurant/bar industry named Scott?


Dmbosstone said...

Did you enjoy the Double Down? I turned my experience with it into Pop Art.

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